Advantages of Portable Multifunctional Tablet Phone Stand
May 06 , 2022

1.It can be folded and lifted, and can be used on mobile phones and tablets.



2. Ten times more stable, no swaying. The thick and reinforced support rod can easily bear the weight of the mobile phone and tablet, and it is not easy to fall. The heavy and thick solid base can bear 1000g without shaking or falling.



3. Lifting damping shaft, the shaft can bear about 1000g without falling. Thickened solid base 112g, more solid.



4. The angle and height can be changed at will, and the humanized telescopic multi-angle adjustment.



5. One-piece folding, easy to carry. No installation is required, it is compact and does not take up space, and it is more convenient to travel and store.



6. Tablet phones are very stable, support tablet devices below 12.9 inches.


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