Location of car mobile phone holder
Apr 13 , 2022

Position 1: Center console


Advantages: The mobile phone holder placed on the center console will be basically at the driver's line of sight, which is convenient for observing the route.


Disadvantages: The standing mobile phone will still affect the driver's line of sight. If the flexible suction cup bracket is used, the mobile phone will shake with the shaking of the car while driving, which will interfere with the driver's attention.


You can choose a rigid suction cup bracket or use a non-slip pad, so that the phone is not easy to shake.


center console car bracket


Position 2: Front windshield


Advantages: Because the glass is large, the position of the mobile phone can be chosen at will, and it is closer to the line of sight, making it easier to observe the navigation route.


Disadvantages: Use the suction cup bracket to suck on the glass, which will not be firm for a long time.


You can choose a style that can be fixed to the rearview mirror by clips to be more secure.


Front windshield car mount


Position 3: Air conditioner outlet


Advantages: The mobile phone will not block the sight when placed in the air outlet of the air conditioner, and the use of the air outlet bracket can save space in the car, and it is cheap.


Disadvantages: The driver is prone to accidents when looking down at the navigation. The fixing claw of this bracket is not very strong, and it is as easy to fall as the suction cup bracket. Winter is also not conducive to mobile phone cooling.


It is recommended not to use this bracket in winter for mobile phones with poor heat dissipation.


Air outlet car bracket


Position 4: Steering wheel


Advantages: not found yet


Disadvantages: It will affect the operation of the steering wheel and interfere with the normal deployment of the airbag.


 car mobile phone holder

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