Mobile phone bracket purchase skills
Apr 08 , 2022

1. Fitness riding: It is recommended to use a silicone bicycle mobile phone bracket. This type of riding is more intense than short-term and long-distance riding, and has high requirements on the stability of the mobile phone bracket. At the same time, the size of the bracket should not be too large. There is a certain degree of protection.


phone stand holder for bike


2. Short-distance riding: It is recommended to use a clip-on mobile phone bracket, which can have a more comfortable viewing angle when navigating.


bike phone mount


3. Long-distance riding: It is recommended to use the mobile phone on the top of the tube bag. Long-distance travel does not require high immediacy of information reading, and in case of a crash, the position of the mobile phone can also avoid damage caused by bumps. The posture of long-distance riding is lower, and the angle of normal viewing of the riding app will be more suitable.


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