Teach you how to choose the most suitable mobile phone holder
Mar 28 , 2022

Since the popularity of smartphones and the popularity of navigation, car phone brackets have become a common tool in every car. The mobile phone holder has its evolution process. With the continuous updating of technology, the mobile phone holder is becoming more and more intelligent and powerful.


In this case, you need a suitable car mount to accompany you when you travel. The following is a tired pit about some car mounts.


Thunder pit one: windshield suction cup type


You need to choose an area of ​​the windshield to install, which means that no matter what, it will block part of your view and the sun will burn your phone.


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Thunder Pit II: Magnetic Phone Holder


Magnetic mobile phone brackets generally require a piece of metal to stick to the back of your mobile phone to ensure the magnetism with the mobile phone bracket, and the aesthetics will be greatly reduced, and the adjustment angle of the magnetic mobile phone bracket is relatively limited, and some can not even adjust the direction, and some mobile phones slip off. possible.


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Thunder pit three: special mobile phone bracket


It is a bracket specially customized for a certain mobile phone and a certain brand of mobile phone. The latter bracket is customized for a certain model and a certain brand model. You may like it very much at first, but after a period of time you will find that it is very Inconvenient and inflexible.


mobile phone bracket


Thunder pit four: sticky mobile phone bracket


It's attached to the dashboard with sticky double-sided tape, which either falls off easily or sticks so hard that it rips the skin of the dashboard.


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To sum up, the air outlet-type car mount with 360° rotation, one-handed pick and place, stable anti-shake, and reserved charging port is the most cost-effective and a good companion for your travel.


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