The development history of car mounts
Apr 26 , 2022

The laziness of human beings makes science and technology progress, the invention of the car frees people to travel thousands of miles a day, and the invention of the mobile phone holder frees them to drive without worry.


The original car phone holder was a small hook that was attached to the steering wheel. The price is cheap and does not take up space in the car, it is installed on the steering wheel, and it is very convenient to answer the phone. The disadvantage is that the instrument panel may be blocked, and signals such as speed per hour cannot be seen. When using a mobile phone for navigation, you need to look down at the interface, which will cause deviation of the line of sight and pose a safety hazard.



Then there was the sun visor car phone holder, which was clipped to the sun visor, but the phone holder was always afraid of falling off when driving.



Later, the glass suction cup bracket was born, and the windshield was sucked at will. For the convenience of operation, the twistable frame was also born, but with the bumps of the vehicle, the suction cup may be unstable, and the fixed function of the twistable frame cannot be obtained. It is guaranteed that the mobile phone will shake, the driving record and the navigation function of the mobile phone will not be able to play well, and the safety of the mobile phone body will not be guaranteed.



In order to stabilize the mobile phone and refuse to shake, the air outlet bracket appears, so that you no longer worry about the safety of the mobile phone, answering the phone is safe and convenient, the installation is not suitable for all models, and the bracket is placed below the line of sight, you need to look down when navigating. Safe, but this one is cheap and suitable for those who just need to place their phone to answer calls.



The invention of the instrument panel mobile phone bracket is mainly aimed at the phenomenon of touching porcelain. The instrument panel car mobile phone bracket also adds the use of the mobile phone shooting function in addition to the mobile phone navigation function, but the disadvantage is that the instrument panel and the car are fixed on the mobile phone. One, there is no focus, the distance from the driver is far, and it is inconvenient to answer the phone.



The invention of the rearview mirror mobile phone bracket avoids the inconvenience caused by the instability of the mobile phone, and the rearview mirror bracket, the mobile phone shooting angle is more comprehensive, the driving process is recorded in an all-round way, the mobile phone interface is parallel to the driver's line of sight during navigation, and the safety problem is guaranteed. , It is convenient to answer the phone, and it can also be rotated to hide behind the rearview mirror when not in use, but the disadvantage is that it is expensive.


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