The world's first HUD car mount
Mar 30 , 2022

The difference of this mobile phone holder is that the designer sets the mobile phone holder at the top and center of the instrument panel, so that the driver can keep his eyes on the same line of sight when observing the road ahead and the navigation information of the mobile phone. This wonderful installation position enables drivers to "keep their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes on the road", which greatly increases safety.


car phone holder


It is designed with reference to the flight aid HUD (head-up display system), because it enables the pilot to see the important information he needs without looking down, reducing the frequency of the pilot looking down at the instruments, avoiding interruption of attention and loss of driving status . The in-vehicle HUD can make the driver's line of sight consistent with the road surface when observing integrated information such as instruments, navigation and multimedia during driving.


HUD car mount


The bracket cleverly designs the base into a vertical and horizontal two-way arc, and fastens the upper cover of the instrument panel by means of a strong clip. The non-slip silicone pad is used to fit the upper cover of the instrument panel without trace, so that the bracket forms a stable support for the mobile phone and avoids the vehicle in the The phone slipped from the stand caused by the bumpy road.


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