Which is the best car phone holder in 2022?
Feb 15 , 2022


Suction cup type: The biggest advantage of the suction cup is its flexible position, but the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the suction cup is not strong and easy to fall off. If it is sucked on the front windshield, it will block the line of sight and affect driving safety.

Air-conditioning outlet suspension type: Installed at the air-conditioning outlet position, the fixation is relatively firm, and the angle cannot be adjusted due to the limited installation position.

3M glue type: It can be installed on any plane, small and flexible without obstruction, and can be removed at any time to answer the phone. The disadvantage is that it may affect the signal.

Snap-on type: It is easy to install and disassemble, and it is small in size, but it is not convenient to place the mobile phone. It has requirements for the size of the screen, and the bottom lacks support and is easy to fall.

Tray type: The side and bottom sides can hold the mobile phone, the installation is simple, the small size does not affect the line of sight, it can be operated with one hand, and the angle can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that the fixation is not very strong, and the mobile phone will also be bumped when the car encounters a bumpy road.

Each type of car phone holder has advantages and disadvantages, and there is no fixed standard for which one is better.
When choosing a car phone holder, the first thing to consider is that it is fixed firmly, and secondly, it should not take up too much space, otherwise it will affect driving.


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