WS01 integrates power bank and phone holder
Mar 03 , 2022

With the development of modern society and economy, mobile phones have become indispensable for people, so other industries derived from the development of the mobile phone industry are indispensable, including mobile phone brackets and power banks.


There are many applications of mobile phone mounts in daily life, such as: car phone mounts, selfie sticks, bed phone mounts, etc.


mobile phone brackets 


The inspiration for the mobile phone holder comes from life. There are many times when people are not convenient to hold the mobile phone with their hands, so a carrier is needed to support the mobile phone and enable people to watch the screen or use it normally. So the phone holder was born.


The power bank can provide battery power for smartphones and ensure two or three days of battery life.



In addition to smartphones, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, and tablets can also get power through power banks. The power bank has many functions, such as PD fast charging, wireless charging, built-in charging cable and other functions, which are very practical.


 phone stand with power bank


The designer combines the two into one, so that it has a dual-purpose function.

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