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The Top 8 Reasons Why a Phone Holder Is Important in 2022
Jun 14 , 2022

With smartphones becoming more integral in our society by the day, it’s helpful to understand why a cell phone stand is so important. There are currently over 4.8 billion individuals using phones worldwide, and 3.5 billion (or 73%) of those individuals are smartphone users.


In fact, 15% of Americans consider themselves smartphone only users. This means they do not have Internet at home and rely solely on their smartphone for entertainment and work activities. 


As smartphones develop, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest model. As soon as one model comes out, it feels like another is scheduled to be released within the next few months.


Recent studies have shown that the average adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes a day on the phone. With so much time spent on mobile devices, it is easy to understand why smartphones are being upgraded and developed at such rapid rates. 


A cell phone stand can provide many benefits to users through a variety of tasks during their day. These top eight reasons have been detailed below in addition to the types of cell phone stands available on the market today. 


1. Remote Work

The era of remote work was born from the COVID-19 pandemic. When offices were closed, the only way for business to continue as close to normal as possible was to have employees work from home.


While some businesses are requiring employees to return back to the office, others are allowing employees to continue to work from home or adopt a hybrid schedule. 


The individuals who work from home know how important it is to have their phone handy. If your phone is out of sight, it’s easy to miss an important phone call from your coworker, boss, or client. Fortunately, a cell phone stand keeps your phone directly in front of you. 



●Never Miss a Call

●Never Miss an Email

●Easy on the Eyes


2. Business Related Travel

As the world reopens, business travel will resume. For some states and companies, business related travel is already back in full swing. For individuals who are traveling for business reasons, a cell phone stand is crucial. 


phone holder suppliers


●Work on the Go

●It's a Grip Too

●Hotel Room Friendly

●Watch Movies on the Go


3. Content & Video Creation for Social Media

Social media influencers, small business owners, and employees are all responsible for creating content for their brands. Whether the pictures and videos are being used on a business website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or another platform, the content needs to look impeccable in order to garner attention. 


In this day and age, anything less than perfect simply doesn’t perform. Consider how you yourself view content that is shaky, blurry, or imperfect. It’s easy to scroll past low quality content and only pay attention to high quality content. 


cell phone stand


●Steady Shots

●The Perfect Selfie


4. Video Calling 

Video calling has become an integral part of our lives. While this mode of communication was popular before the pandemic, quarantine increased the usage of video calling.


In fact, 47.6% of adults in the United States used FaceTime (Apple’s video calling service) during the COVID-19 lock downs. Video calls allowed individuals to remain connected while they were required by local ordinances to stay in their homes. 



●Easier on the Wrist & Hands

●Get More Done During Meetings


5. Driving & Navigating Safely

Navigating through cities and new areas can be daunting for drivers of all ages. Unfamiliar roads or even the demolition of familiar landmarks can cause drivers to not know how to safely navigate to their final destination.


Several GPS apps are available including Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze. Recent studies show that over 50% of adults use their phones to navigate while driving. 



●Don't Break the Law

●Focus More on Driving


6. Meal Prepping & Cooking

Whether you are trying out the latest bread baking TikTok hack or simply want to engage in healthier cooking habits, a recipe is usually needed to complete the task at hand.



●Focus on Cooking

●Keep Your Phone Clean


7. Shopping

Recent studies have shown over 66% of those users purchase the same products through apps on their smartphones. To put that into better understanding, 230.5 million adults in the United States shop online and 152 million of those users purchase items through their smartphones. Currently, 333 million people live in the United States. 


It is harder to find someone who doesn’t shop online than someone who does. Whether it is building your Amazon wishlist or purchasing a last minute gift, odds are you shop from your smartphone. It’s just too easy to get recommendations that fit your lifestyle and order in a few short clicks.



●An Easier Shopping Experience

●Work & Play


8. Daily Life Tasks

There is no denying that smartphones are part of our daily lives. While each individual may have different uses for their phones, nearly everyone uses their phone at least 10 times a day. From business uses to bedside alarms, there really is no limit to what smart phones can do.  


The plethora of apps available make it easy to integrate our phones even deeper into our daily lives. Baby monitoring, day trading, streaming videos, facetime, home security, online education, travel planning and personal health monitoring are just some of the incredibly helpful functions that many of us don’t even think about twice anymore.


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